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Doglus eCommerce Email Template

Streamlined and elegant, the Doglus ecommerce email template makes it easy to let your customers know you’ve extended a sale, offering one last nudge to stragglers and giving you more mileage from your sales. Its striking hero section leverages an eye-catching image of your choice to generate interest, then draws readers in with text and a discount code, and seals the deal with a bold “shop now” button leading them to your site. Doglus is responsive, so readers get a seamless experience no matter where they are or what device they’re using, and integrates with all major email marketing platforms, allowing you to send out custom messages on the fly and track your success with ease.

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Fully Responsive Email Template

Glamer eCommerce Fashion Style Email Template

Use the Doglus ecommerce email template anytime you want to extend a sale in your online shop. Whether you want to cash in on a busy season, extend a sale until stock is gone, connect with last-minute bargain hunters, or are running a remarketing or retargeting campaign, Doglus can be used repeatedly to generate results. Its conversion-boosting design with seven distinct modules naturally creates interest and increases clicks, providing you with measurable success on all your extended promo campaigns.

Get a FREE customization and effortlessly build brand recognition. Designed in clean HTML, Doglus can be tailored to suit your needs quickly and includes branding elements, helping increase recognition and awareness with each message you send. We’ll make your first customization, such as text or module selection, FREE, so you can notify customers your current sale is being extended right away. Additional ongoing support is available on request as well, ensuring professional results every time.

Integrate with your favorite email marketing platform FREE and watch the results pour in. We’ve meticulously designed Doglus to work with popular email marketing platforms, like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, so getting set up, running campaigns, and tracking results is a breeze. We’ll even handle the initial integration with your platform FREE.

Ensure your messages are seen more often and provide customers with the experience they deserve. Doglus is a responsive email template, so it displays beautifully on all devices—from mobile phones through desktop computers—and across all major email platforms. We also test on Litmus, the same tool brands like Google, Expedia, and Netflix use. It catches issues such as bad links and slow loads, so your messages are fully optimized and bypass spam filters, plus generate more conversions.

Features of the Doglus eCommerce Email Template

  • 7 unique modules to stack and build custom emails with ease
  • FREE single customization of your choice and optional ongoing support as requested for better branding and a tailored look
  • Coding for all major email marketing platforms, including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, for superior campaign management
  • FREE integration on your preferred email marketing platform for faster and professional startup
  • Clean and commented HTML allows for easier editing and interoperability
  • Flexible table structure with new hybrid coding style for a smoother responsive experience
  • Client-friendly design displays well in all major email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo in both iOS and Android) for proper display every time
  • Well-organized layer PSD included for seamless editing

Elements Included in the Doglus eCommerce Email Template

  • Preview Text & View Online options to increase engagement
  • Header (Logo + Navigation) for branding and click-through boosts
  • Featured Hero Image to grab interest quickly
  • Transparent Offer Section overlay to draw readers in with clear messaging
  • Discount Banner to highlight savings and generate excitement
  • Coupon CTA Box to demonstrate exclusivity and increase click-through rates
  • Footer with social media links to build cross-platform relationships


Fonts used: Arial OS
Images: Freepik

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The Doglus ecommerce email template was crafted by the email marketing experts at Elulumail. We specialize in creating fully responsive email templates of all types that display beautifully on all devices and in all major email clients, plus integrate seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms, so business owners can create campaigns with ease and generate better results. Learn More.

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  • 1 free customization
  • Free installation
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March 7, 2019
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April 7, 2020
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Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, AOL Mail, Office 365
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MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, FreshMail, ActiveCampaign, iContact
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Package, Layered PSD, HTML Files
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