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Glamer Flash Sale Email Template

Create awareness for new products or get an instant burst of sales with the Glamer ecommerce Flash Sale Email Template. This one-day sale email template is meticulously designed to create a sense of urgency and displays beautifully on all devices, encouraging your customers to take advantage of your exclusive offer and get shopping. With seven customizable modules and seamless integration on MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and other popular email marketing platforms, you’ll be able to generate bespoke emails your customers respond to quickly and monitor campaign results with ease.

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Fully Responsive Flash Sale Email Template

Glamer Flash Sale Email Template - Fashion Style Responsive MailChimp & Campaign Monitor Ready Newsletter Template

Use the Glamer Flash Sale Email Template for all your limited-time offers. Glamer starts generating interest before the email is even opened with customizable preview text, then gets readers excited with two-column hero section featuring the eye-catching image of your choice and a call-to-action section complete with space for a promo code and bold button to encourage clicks. Designed to be used as a one-day sale email template, Glamer can also be customized with just a few clicks to suit longer sales as needed.

Get a FREE customization and build a stronger brand image. Our flash sale email template comes with seven distinct modules to customize and stack, allowing you to create unique designs quickly. Include your logo and integrate your company’s color scheme for a fully-branded and cohesive experience every time. We’ll perform your first customization FREE and offer support on demand thereafter, so it’s easy to get started.

Integrate with your preferred email marketing tool FREE and create more successful campaigns. Our one-day sale email template is designed to work with all popular email marketing platforms, from MailChimp to Campaign Monitor, so you can send out targeted messages and build campaigns for performance. We’ll even handle your integration FREE to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Land in more inboxes and delight customers wherever they may be. Glamer is responsive, meaning it displays perfectly on screens of all sizes—an absolute must when customers have only a small window of time to take action and will likely be browsing with their phones. It’s also tested on Litmus, the very same tech big corporations like Google, Expedia, and Netflix use to check for errors such as broken links and ensure emails load fast, so you can send with confidence.

Features of the Glamer Flash Sale Email Template

  • 7 distinct modules that allow you to create customized professional emails quickly
  • Responsive design using flexible table structure and new hybrid coding style for superior display on all devices
  • Coded for and tested on all major email apps, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo (iOS & Android)
  • Integrates with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and other popular email marketing tools for streamlined campaign management
  • Free integration with your preferred email marketing tool to get you started on the right foot
  • Free customization of your choice to help you get your first message sent quicker
  • Conversion-oriented design with bold buttons and CTAs that draw people to your site
  • HTML and well-organized layer PSD files for enhanced editing capabilities
  • Clean and commented code for fast error-free edits and quicker loads

Elements Included in the One-Day Sale Email Template

  • Preview Text & View Online options for maximum engagement
  • Header (Logo + Light Button) for enhanced brand recognition and clicks
  • 50/50 Split Hero Section with space for the eye-catching image of your choice and sale details to create urgency
  • Intro Section to host information about new arrivals, sale details, shop info, or other copy of your choosing
  • 50/50 1×4 Featured Image Section for five clickable images to increase clicks
  • Download the App CTA Box that encourages customers to unlock more benefits by downloading your app
  • Footer with site links as well as contact and social media buttons to build strong cross-platform relationships

Platform-Specific Benefits of Glamer

  • Campaign Monitor: Includes Campaign Monitor tags: single-line, multiline, editable, repeater, layout. You can edit in text/image content, and repeating/align modules, CM doesn’t have a style customization function for custom HTML template, so we recommend using SR editor and export to use with CM.
  • MailChimp: Includes MailChimp tags: mc:edit, mc:repeatable, mc:hideable mc:variant. You can edit in text/image content, and repeating/align modules. For the template style, we recommend using SR editor and export to use with MC.
  • Regular HTML: None; MailChimp or Campaign Monitor TAG
  • Photoshop File (Desktop & Mobile Versions): All layers are names and are well organized with group and color label.
  • StampReady: Compatible HTML file for use with StampReady service.


Fonts used: Raleway
Images: Freepik

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This one-day sale email template was crafted by the email marketing experts at elulumail. We create professionally coded email templates of all types, designed to display beautifully on all devices and email clients, so you get amazing campaign results every time.

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Template Information

Created On:
March 20, 2019
Updated On:
April 7, 2020
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Compatible Browsers:
Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, AOL Mail, Office 365
Compatible With:
MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, FreshMail, ActiveCampaign, iContact
Files Included:
Package, Layered PSD, HTML Files
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