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Email Design Best Practices – 5 Tips to Boost Your Campaign

Email marketing campaign generates profits with minimum investments. An average person receives tens if not hundreds of marketing emails daily. Therefore, the competition is tough, especially for small businesses trying to establish a customer base. Make your email design stand out from the rest and make an impression. It is vital to create awareness on what to avoid and what you should focus more on when following email design best practices.

Email design best practices to consider:

1 – Selecting an Email Layout

The visual organization must be considered when composing an email marketing campaign; in other words, it is arguably one of the most important elements to be aware of. An effective selection of email layouts must create an immediate connection with the reader. So, this connection should motivate and establish a strong “call-to-action” (CTA) that would ultimately lead to a response. Here are critical dos and don’ts about email design best practices to consider when selecting an email layout.


  • Content balance. Majority of the content should focus more on text over images.
  • Achieve a clean look by allowing white spaces. This is an effective approach to separate design elements.
  • Establish an immediate impression. Pay attention to your content hierarchy.
  • Emails are mostly scanned through mobile devices today. Make sure that your email design is optimized for all platforms.

What to Avoid

  • Not all email clients are able to display the full content of your email. Your email design should avoid using a single image and/or dark images, patterns, and backgrounds.
  • Don’t fill out the entire section with texts. Most importantly, remember to have balance by creating sections when you are trying to present multiple products and services.
  • Maintain a simple and concise content. Easy to read content provides clearer CTA’s.

2 – Convince Them with Email Copywriting

It is quite challenging selling products and services when you are face-to-face with a customer. Similarly, it is even more challenging when you are convincing them through an email. They almost have the same possibility of catching someone’s attention. Your content must have convincing factors and elements while working on your email marketing campaign. As a result, it will lead to a driving force for higher CTAs. The 3 most effective psychological email design best practices to consider:

Social Proof

Creating trust and credibility can ensure a solid customer base. Most importantly, through these means, you can convince your reader that you present a solution. Celebrities are some of the best brand ambassadors. However, it is not limited to famous personalities when you show proof of your product’s effectiveness.

  • Case Studies. Highlight numbers and details of real people with their chosen products and services.
  • Customer Logos. Let the other brands speak for themselves. In short, trust is built once you see a list of highly respected brands believing your product.
  • You can easily gather this from customer feedback and testimonials. You are no different from these average people. So, if it works for them why not for you.

Limited Time Offer

It is human nature to be curious and think of a potential loss. A person is more driven to assess the value of an opportunity slipping out of their hands than gaining something of the same value, for instance. The scarcity of a product being introduced has a huge impact on the decision-making ability of a person to make a purchase. This technique is realized with the help of deadlines, limited only to certain dates and times or highlighting the inventory status.

Your 5 Senses

Why do you yawn when your seatmate yawn? You can’t help yourself when to ride the human wave in a football stadium, even if you are in the middle of drinking your soda. This technique is now achieved in choosing the right words to stimulate the five senses of the human brain. Make sure that they are added naturally and avoid making the impression that you are manipulating the reader. It can be tricky sometimes, but the results exceed most expectations.

3 – Email Font Selection

You must consider that the overall email design best practices and not the email fonts influence a prospect to respond. An effective selection of fonts in your email design will allow your readers to scan your content without being distracted. Some would use custom fonts to follow their brand logo. But be careful because some email clients do not support them. To sum up, use no more than two fonts when creating your email design.

4 – Email Templates and Email Design

It is hard to start from scratch when creating a sales email. It was made easier when you introduced email templates; however, the wide variety of selections has recently made the experience quite challenging. The key is to adopt a system for your email design while ensuring you follow best practices. It has a quick turnaround and lessens the possibility of making an error. This system allows the marketing team to work simultaneously and be on the same page as they easily realize a common goal.

5 – Email Subject Line Mastery

This is your power to catch someone’s attention with lesser words than possible. That is to say; it is a tough competition when you are trying to stand out from a random person’s inbox. Sadly, there is no secret formula that can ensure an open. What works in a certain industry might not be as effective with others. Smart use of power words can bridge a gap or break a wall between you and the prospect. When it comes to email design best practices, some of the most powerful words to use specific personalization and highlight a sense of urgency.

Check your subject lines before you send them out –> Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. In conclusion, reaching your customers deeply and emotionally is key to successful copywriting. Therefore, your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy on email design best practices to consider.

As you go through the email design best practices question, keep in mind that you are also a prospect at the end of the day. What is important is that you believe in your product and/or services. You believe that you can fulfill their needs and achieve their desired goal. The expected out for this endeavor will come out naturally when you have the right attitude.

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